crocheted BALLZ!

The crocheting around here, it never ends! This batch of balls was a custom order. I was only asked to make nine, but I made a bonus black-and-white one, so there are ten. They’re listed in my Etsy shop whenever you’re ready, Karen.

crocheted balls

These balls were a custom order for someone who was going to use them to make a baby mobile.

crocheted butterflies

My mom was telling me a while back how my 20-month-old niece loves this metal butterfly ornament of my mom’s, but she doesn’t really like to let Aurora play with it because she’s afraid she might cut herself on it. So I offered to crochet her a butterfly toy. It was fun to figure out how to do it!

back of the crocheted butterflies

Of course when Annalie saw Aurora’s, she asked if I could make her one too. I was expecting the request so I just told her to pick out the colors she wanted and I’d get right on it. Aurora’s is the dark purple one; Annalie’s is the light purple.

green and gold

I crocheted this green-and-gold baby blanket at my mom’s request, for her godson’s baby boy. They’re big Packers fans.

Would you say I crocheted a PLETHORA of cup sleeves?

Would you say I’ve crocheted a PLETHORA of coffee-cup sleeves?

square-y side of potholder

stripey side of potholder

I crocheted this potholder a while back just for fun. Then when my friend Deborah came to visit rather unexpectedly, I knew it would be the perfect gift for her. Then I completely forgot to give it to her while she was here. I mailed it to her with the mug she painted while she was here.

Deborah's mug

Her first dottery! Didn’t it turn out nice? I love how every time I teach someone how to paint dottery, they run with it and make it entirely their own.

promise of the blanket to come

While we were in Oregon, Erin picked out the yarn I’m using to crochet Indira’s blanket. I used it to make a little sampler to give to her at the baby shower, which happened while we were there. And then I forgot to take a better photo of it. That’s okay, because I’ll take a better photo of the real blanket when I’m done with it.

happy thing: hand-wound center-pull skein

Annalie is going to be a peacock for Halloween this year, and she was musing that none of her trick-or-treat bags will match her costume. She was delighted when I offered to crochet her a new bag (because it’s not like I have enough to crochet, what with the half-dozen baby blankets I’ll be working on in the coming months). We found this lovely peacock-colored wool on KnitPicks which should felt up nicely, but when it arrived I realized I don’t own a winder and swift, and it’s kind of a long trip to Jen‘s just to get her kids to wind my yarn into skeins for me. So I found another way to do it, using a paper-towel roll. I was pretty proud of my finished skein.

Now that it’s autumn and temperatures are falling, I expect I’ll find myself crocheting even more. Crocheting and knitting always seem like such fallish crafts to me. What about you? What are you working on these days? If you don’t craft, are you writing a novel? Perfecting your apple pie recipe? Training for a marathon?

17 Responses to “balls, butterflies, blankets, blah blah blah”

  1. Sonja says:

    You know what I’m doing. ;)
    I’m really excited about the paper towel roll ball winding idea, even though I could actually go to Jen’s house. :)

  2. Yara says:

    Me? Oh, I’m just adding more things to my already busy schedule. Lisa is singing in the Christmas play at church, and since I have to take her to rehearsals anyway, sure I’ll help out! What’s a Sunday afternoon or 9?

  3. ClistyB says:

    Well, training for a relay and a half marathon. Trying to soak up some good sun before fall really hits here in Utah.
    The detail on the butterflies are awesome!

  4. Mrs. Wilson says:

    Your crocheting is all sorts of awesome.

    I’m working on taking more photos with my real camera than with my phone, and getting out of this deep dark hole that September has dug me. *sigh*

  5. cc says:

    I’m trying to find my stash to attempt your spiral square pattern. I only know where some of it is since we moved.

    I’m also trying to figure out how to knit the heel-flap onto the sock to form the gusset. The weather is finally cooling down and I really need to have a pair of warm not 100% wool socks.

    Tomorrow Amber starts Cheer practice with individual try-outs on Friday. This is in addition to Choir and her study hall/photography class.

    I have crocheted one market tote. I have another 2/3 done, but I used too big of a hook so I am going to frog the whole thing and start again.

    I have another market tote that I started on a much smaller (possibly one size to small for me) hook. I like it so far, but that can change easily.

    I should email Sonja and ask her about the pattern for the green one she made you. I think she made it. It could have been Jen. Or even Lauren. I’m confused.

    I’m trying to stay busy and not panic about all my upcoming appointments ha I have in the next two weeks.

  6. karen says:

    I’ve started student teaching this quarter and it’s way more work than I expected! I hope I last til winter break!

    Thanks for crocheting the balls, I’m headed to your etsy shop right now :)

  7. Mim says:

    THe butterflies are adorable and thanks for the link to the ball-winding tut! I have once again started working on my Babbette bedspread. Maybe I’ll finish it this winter :)

  8. Katie says:

    I thought of you and your crocheting when I saw this on pinterest, not spam I promise, lol. Cute little snowmen!!

  9. Leta says:

    That just made me kind of sad, because I realized that I am doing fall crafts with the kids, but not really taking the time to do anything myself. :-/ The girls have made lots of paper jack-o-lanterns, and I did cut out a new addition for our paper skeleton family (3 years later…) but that’s about it so far!

  10. Erin says:

    Nothing terribly exciting to report. Just sitting here producing milk. and healing. And that is about it. And looking online at possible houses to check out. I need a hobby.

    Who knew when we sat in the back of your Horizon (was that what you had??) on the way to San Looeeey that you were kicking off your incredibly prolific and successful crocheting career. You are a crocheting diva, Bethany!

  11. Kandi says:

    I really should break out some yarn and try to crochet or knit something. It’s been far too long. I still don’t know how to follow a pattern though. Maybe I should look into tutorials online or something.
    I’m currently training for my first marathon (Marine Corps Marathon in DC on Oct. 30). It’s been consuming a decent amount of time. I’m so thankful for this cooler weather!!

  12. Madge says:

    I’ve been doing a lot more crochet recently too! I made Audrey a hoody scarf thingy that I kind of want to steal back.

    I started a blanket, but then kind of stalled out. Then there is the usual knitting that I do every night.

    I’ve been doing a lot of dessert making. I’ve had to stop doing that though because I was worried about gaining back weight :P The favorite found dessert in this house has been a banoffee pie (banana/toffee)

    Just waiting for some cold weather and rain now. A storm is supposed to be coming in tonight.

  13. Melissa says:

    It seems like i do nothing these days except nurse my newborn. Thank goodness for my handy iphone so i can at least read blogs, surf the Net, etc.

  14. Christine says:

    Trying to write some stories. It’s fun, but not exactly profitable.

  15. Deborah says:

    You HAVE been busy! I <3 my pot holder! Those butterflies are adorable…great ingenuity! I've been plugging away at my girlfriend's wedding quilt. Had to put it down to make a quillow for my 7 y.o. neighbor's birthday…and last night taught my sister how to whip out a "no sew" fleece tied blanket for a Breast Cancer Awareness prize give-away for her office. (Apparently it was a hit! I was so proud of her response to "can you make one for me?"…she told them to Google it and make their own. LOL) …but now that you mention it, knitting and crocheting are such fun cold-weather crafts. Might have to conjure up some Christmas gifts starting soon….I have very little $$$, but my hands can create!

  16. bonnie says:

    That’s totally how I wind my yarn, too. Although I actually use this plastic tube I swiped from some toy set we have. I don’t even know which one. Maybe the marble run. Heh. Of course I have a swift now, too, that I think must have been my grandma’s.

    And LOVE that rainbow coffee sleeve.

  17. Susie Davis says:

    Found you via Pancakes /Fries via twitter. Had no idea that tartar keeps forever … thanks for that. And just read your about page … love that you read every day. Nice to meet you.