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I knew this post was coming sooner or later. I knew that one of these nights I’d be lying in bed, disjointed thoughts swirling through my head, frustrated by my inability to fall asleep, and think, I might as well get up and write a post!

my girl

And while I’m at it, I’d think in my sleepless state, I have a bunch of photos that I’ve uploaded recently to Flickr but that have not gotten many views. I might as well throw a few of those in the post so they can be appreciated! Who cares if they don’t really have anything to do with what I’m writing about?


This nighttime restlessness has happened to me my whole life. There’s not really a pattern to it. It doesn’t seem to be connected to weather or hormones or my consumption of sugar or caffeine. It just happens sometimes. I’ll get into bed, close my eyes and pull the covers over me with a contented sigh and…zap! It’s like a switch in my brain has been flipped to “overdrive.”

Wii bowling

I might be thinking about what’s going on the next day, birthday cards I need to buy and send, conversations I’ve had recently, that teacher in 10th grade who was a little odd, that episode of “Moonlighting” that parodied Taming of the Shrew, a friend who is having marital problems…it really runs the gamut. Kinda like this post.

green quesadilla

Apparently, this nighttime brain-overdrive thing runs in the family. My brother says the same thing happens to him. It doesn’t happen to my mom or my dad, but I know my cousin Bob’s daughter Dee has the same thing happen to her. When she was little, and she and her brother were staying the night with her grandma (my mom’s sister Julie), they’d all be tucked in with the lights out and Derek and Julie would be trying to sleep and Dee would just be chattering away about anything and everything. She used to tell Julie that her brain was talking to her and she couldn’t make it stop. The first time Julie told us about it, I thought, I know EXACTLY what that feels like!

she posed because we promised her ice cream

I think Annalie might have the same affliction, a little bit. But I’m not sure. I think when she is awake late, it’s more from sheer willpower than anything else. Did I ever tell you about the time when Annalie was only two years old and she kept herself awake till almost 2am?

Silly girls

That will seem even more remarkable when I tell you that she was strapped into her car seat and we were driving down the interstate at the time. We thought leaving our house in the early evening so we could get past D.C. and not have to worry about morning traffic would be a good idea, plus we figured Annalie would go to sleep and it would be less boring for her. Ha!

writing her name

We even told her that she couldn’t watch a movie on the DVD player until she had a nap, but she really didn’t want to go to sleep. She kept herself awake all evening and into the wee hours of the morning. We stopped at a hotel outside Philadelphia after midnight and she was wide awake and extremely silly. We checked in, washed faces and brushed teeth, set up the playpen, did a quick bedtime routine with Annalie, tucked her in, turned out the lights, and climbed gratefully into the soft beds. We fully expected Annalie to be asleep within moments.

Little pink cat

Instead she stood up and hung onto the side of the playpen as she sang and laughed into the darkened hotel room, trying to get us to talk to her. Finally I got up and walked her up and down the room for a few minutes, singing to her. She fought it for a few minutes, but then she abruptly closed her eyes and surrendered to sleep. THANK GOD.

Future supermodel?

So…what was I talking about?


Oh right. Not being able to sleep, thoughts swirling in my head, might as well get up and blog. Random things.

Gramaw & Annalie

Did I mention that my mom has been here again? Remember how she had to make an unexpected trip back to California because of her youngest brother being seriously ill? (You can refresh your memory by reading the first paragraph of this post.) You will be glad to know my uncle is doing much better. Things looked a little grim for a while but he made some promising improvements and was released from the hospital last week.

Coffee under the lemon tree
(Photo taken by my mom)

I know my mom will be glad to go home soon. It’s been a rather crazy summer for her. She came out to Maryland for Annalie’s birthday in early May and then stayed on to help us through the move. She drove from Maryland to California with us and kept Annalie with her at her sister’s house while Troy and I looked for a place to live. When she went home she had out-of-town company and then found out her brother was seriously ill and went through a week of worrying and not knowing if he was going to get better. Then she flew back to California and visited her brother in the hospital every day for a week. Then she came to visit us for a few days, and as usual she’s letting me sleep in late every morning (“I know you don’t get to do that very often when I’m not here, so you might as well do it while you can!”) and watched Annalie twice while Troy and I went to the movies. My mom pretty much rocks. We’ll be sorry to see her go, as always.

Group shot
(Photo taken by Troy)

But at least this time she got to see Brenda & Baby Bug before she left! We even walked to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in our little downtown for dinner tonight. It had a cool balcony up by the bathrooms that overlooked the dining area and the kitchen below. Annalie and Baby Bug both would have hung out there the whole time if we’d let them. Luckily the restaurant was fairly empty and the employees were all laid-back and seemed amused rather than annoyed by our kids climbing up and down the stairs several times.

"I wanna go upstairs with Annawee!"

Maybe when we take my mom to the airport tomorrow it won’t be as sad to say good-bye to her since we’ll still have friends here to distract us.


And maybe now that I’ve written this monster rambling post I’ll be able to flip that switch in my brain off and go to sleep. I think I’m gonna need a few extra cups of coffee tomorrow!

making a point

20 Responses to “Can’t sleep? Might as well blog.”

  1. citystreams says:

    Poor thing! I hate it when my brain won’t turn off. Sometimes I can shut it off manually by forcing myself not to think about anything but my breathing. But even then, if I have a lot going on, my thoughts creep back and I toss and turn. I love all the pictures. Why is there a lizard in Annalie’s wading pool?

  2. lauren says:

    This happens to me too – mostly when I tell myself I have to get a good night’s sleep! Love the photographs :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    I remember that episode of Moonlighting! In fact, it’s the only episode of that show I remember. The part where he throws the reigns of his horse to the guy and tells him to clean the bugs out of it’s teeth – funny. I have that issue with laying awake sometimes, too. In fact, I was up late last night myself, though I read Pride and Prejudice instead of going online. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  4. SmockLady says:

    That happens to me way to often. Although lately all the pregnancy hormones are making it seriously easy for me to fall asleep, but my brain sits straight up at about 4:00 every morning. I keep telling God that it would be alright with me if He waited at least one more hour before waking me to have a conversation. He does not seem as convinced as I am about this. Although today He did wait until 5:00 to nudge me out of bed.

    And coffee? It is good.

    p.s. – I’m glad you all were not bothered by the earthquake. I’ve family that lives miles from it’s epicenter.

  5. jastereo says:

    It would seem that you guys got a wii… Hope that wasn’t our fault. Great shots all around too!

    Bethany says: Nope, not our Wii. It belongs to our friends. I’m kinda starting to wish we had one though…

  6. My brain is the same way. Though mine doesn’t go in spurts like that – it’s every night. If only I could be as productive as you are when it hits you! Instead, I just lie there cursing the not-sleeping because I have to be up early and survive the next day on NO sleep. Maybe I do need to just get up and be a little productive, distract my brain so it gets confused and leaves me alone for a few seconds! Your pictures were all so cute! So glad you shared them!

  7. bethany says:

    I so know what you mean, though with me it seems to come after a whole day of being in overdrive. I tried for ages to get to sleep last night, after finally crawling in at 2am though I was still on a roll. Brain just would NOT shut off! For hours! I need to learn to just roll with it and get up, but the tradeoff is often ugly the next morning as 2 boys plus a sleepless mom who has to take care of things just doesn’t mix. Glad you made use of it, the pics are great! Love the one of BB, and the lizard. So glad you have friends there, may they keep the blues at bay!

  8. Jummy says:

    I hope you were able to get some sleep after all. I think putting what would be “wasted” time tossing and turning into a lovely photo collage for us was great. I especially love the picture of Baby Bug—so gorgeous.

    I have always felt blessed that I can fall asleep relatively easily; my problem is balancing my night owl tendencies with the fact that my body functions MUCH better with at least 7 hours of sleep, that and the fact that I’m expected to arrive at work awake and work.

  9. I often think how wonderful it would be if I could just take my brain out for the night, maybe place it in a charging station (and let it download some new knowledge) overnight, while I sleep. Then my brain could be busy thinking and overanalyzing things while my body is getting the rest it needs!

    I hope you get some rest (or multiple doses of caffeine!).

  10. Angella says:

    I can GET to sleep no problem. But if I am woken up in the night (BLASTED ROOSTERS), my brain turns on and I am up for HOURS.

  11. OMSH says:

    I have been falling into bed and crashing so hard since we returned from our trip. Three nights of bliss it has been and I am still exhausted.

    I’m glad I didn’t have to get up and go back to a workplace that required a more “put together” lady, because I wouldn’t fit the bill, that’s for sure.

    Great shots – I love the one you caught of Baby Bug with that serious face and of course, the photos of Troy and Annalie are always so precious. That girl loooooves her Daddy.

    I’m going now to download the photo of you and Brenda for my fridge. Or a frame. Or maybe I should frame your weird lemon tree one (b/c that one never fails to make me laugh).

  12. Jeana says:

    Dude. What’s the green stuff on her pizza?

    Bethany says: Dude, it’s a green tortilla! It’s part of a quesadilla appetizer.

  13. Melissa says:

    That happens to me ALOT, in fact lately it’s been worse than usual, but I know it’s due to the stress of a house remodel and the time-to-go-back-to-work-blues are starting to set in. BTW, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog now for a while. Sorry I haven’t shown you much comment love! I’ll try to be better about it, promise ;-)

  14. BeachMama says:

    If it makes you feel better, the same thing happens to me! And now when I get up to take care of Apple in the middle of the night I try not to ‘think’ because if I do, then I am awake in the middle of the night and exhausted the next day. Sometimes you just can’t help your thoughts though.

    Your photos are great, that Mexican restaurant looks just like one we went to when we were in California. J even remembers it, one of his favorite parts of the trip.

    Hope you have a good nights sleep tonight.

  15. I love how you just posted photos that didn’t really have a lot to do with what you were talking about. That made me laugh. :) Oh and I’m not one of those that didn’t view them on flickr, because I totally did!

    I have that same affliction as you. It takes me an hour or two to actually fall asleep once I lay down, because my mind constantly races with a bajillion things. I envy those that abuse NyQuil and sleeping medicines. How nice it must be to just conk right out in a drug induced sleep!

  16. Tressa says:

    I suggest keeping regular sleep hours and not sleeping in, exercising 3-4 days a week, and if that fails, reading voraciously during such precious, quiet, middle of the night moments! and I suspect, as I read the posted comments, that this insomnia is a common vein running through the human race! Sometimes my honey heads to the Y by 5 am after his hours of wakefulness! Just wait for perimenopause! I hear that’s when sleep gets really disrupted! Perhaps a few tea parties with Annalie (caffeine for you, decaf for her!) would also help today!

    cheers and ta ta!

  17. lorie says:

    Awww….another kindred spirit whose brain talks to them! I think I am the only one up here in lonely Mercer County who has that problem. Glad to know I am not alone! I should have done what you did last night, got up and created a Flickr blog (Ok, you already have one, so it wouldn’t have quite been like you did). However, I had to get up at 6:30 this morning to leave for work in like…10 minutes so I kept thinking to myself that I would fall asleep any minute! wrong…
    have a great weekend (one that hopefully consists of sleep now)

  18. lorie says:

    oh yea…I forgot to ask…what kind of PIZZA is that!?

    Bethany says: It’s a quesadilla made with a green tortilla!

  19. Mrs. Wilson says:

    I TOTALLY get that not being able to sleep thing! It pretty much happens to me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. My baby now sleeps 12 hours at night, and I cannot even catch 2 straight hours. My brain also runs like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t shut it off.

    I hope you start sleeping better!!

  20. [...] Last night was more of the same. We did the usual away-from-home bedtime routine, and when Annalie hadn’t fallen asleep after I’d laid in bed with her for ten or fifteen minutes, I left the room hoping that would do the trick. But in the end, it took Annalie over an hour and a half to fall asleep in the dark bedroom with me sitting in the recliner with my laptop screen dimmed. I guess she just takes after me. [...]