1. We went to Hawaii.

2. In Hawaii, we stayed quite busy sightseeing and eating delicious food and riding buses and walking (and walking and walking) and swimming in the pool and ocean and hanging out with Lauren.

3. Our hotel—apparently thinking it was still 2004—did not have free wifi in the rooms.

4. The lack of free wifi, not to mention free time, made it very difficult for me to fully participate in 7 Days. It was the first time in five years that’s happened. I’ve done 7 Days 21 times in a row, through cross-country moves, pregnancy, caring for a newborn, traveling, and dire illnesses. It took a trip to Hawaii to derail me. I’m actually quite bummed that I missed out on most of the commenting fun, even though it was for a good reason.

6. More busy fun time. (See #2 above.)

7. When it was time to leave Hawaii, my family flew home while I flew to Northern California to attend Brenda’s 40th birthday weekend celebration.

8. At Camp 40 Rocks, I had such a wonderful time, and was so busy talking and laughing and crafting and eating and laughing some more, that I barely cracked open my laptop for three solid days.

9. While in Hawaii and California, I Instagrammed a TON of photos, which made me feel like I was blogging, even though I wasn’t. (Most of those photos are in my Flickr, too.)

10. I am still incredibly behind on Flickring photos from my real camera, which makes me much less enthusiastic about downloading the new photos. My original goal was to get caught up before we went to Hawaii. Now my goal is to get caught up before we move.

11. We suddenly have less than a month left before the girls and I leave DC for Omaha, where we’ll visit for a couple of weeks while Troy oversees the pack-out of our house and does his turnover at work. Then he’ll drive to Omaha, pick us up, and we’ll head to San Diego.

12. In less than two months, we’ll be living in San Diego again. Whoa. And hooray!

intermittent blogging

May 12th, 2012

happy cupcake is happy

I just realized that I didn’t take a single photo of the cupcakes Annalie decorated for her birthday party today. I took the photo above of one of the unfrosted cupcakes, because happy cupcake is happy, and that’s kinda neat. I took a few shots of the kids eating cupcakes at the party, but the decorations probably aren’t very visible, and who knows when I’ll get around to downloading those photos off the memory card anyway.

I’m bummed that I don’t have a picture of the cupcakes, because she really had fun decorating them. But I also think, “Eh. Whatever.” And that indifference bums me out a little bit too.

There was a reason I was kind of distracted today, though. Sonja—one of my favorite people on this or any other planet—was busy having her baby yesterday and today, and I was checking my phone every time I even imagined it might have beeped or buzzed, anxious for news. From the little I’ve heard, the day was far more exciting than they would have liked, but everyone is fine. Whew. Also, yay! Baby!

I was going to try to blog every day this month. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to make a big thing of it, I just wanted to set myself the goal and see if I could reach it. I did great for nine days. Maybe I should just be thankful I got that many posts written, and work on keeping myself afloat until there’s another calm week when I can write a post every day. Maybe intermittent blogging is all I can do right now.

I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that it’s impossible for me to do all the things I need to do in my daily life (homeschool an 8-year-old and parent a toddler, be a halfway decent wife/daughter/sister, keep the clutter and dishes and laundry from taking over the house, cook the occasional meal, crochet baby blankets and golden snitches, keep up email correspondence with friends, sleep more than four hours a night) AND ALSO blog on a regular basis. At least not like I used to, with lots of photos and thoughtfully composed paragraphs.

I just…can’t. And that makes me really sad. I don’t know what else could possibly give at this point. I guess I could give up reading and TV. I’ve already basically given up painting, and am trying to find a way to cram exercising back in there somewhere.



I was astonished when I realized that I hadn’t done a post of Annalie’s tweets for over a year. A YEAR. How did that happen? I have no idea. Let’s start fixing that, shall we?

hair flying

MARCH 2011

“Oh! Sorry I didn’t brush my teeth yet. I got carried away with my imaginationings.”

“I know four things that catch fire: cars, forests, any kind of buildings–like restaurants or homes or movie theaters–and hair.”

“Ah, nothing’s better than a good burp.”

“She’s the cutest little thing. I could just eat her up like an ice cream cake.”

sisters smiling

“Perhaps you would like some e-musement? I’d be happy to give you some.”

“Laughed their butts off? That’s impossible. No one can laugh THAT hard.”

“I think I’ll hula-hoop for a bit. It might calm my nerves.”

“My baby has beautiful blue eyes…just like yours truly.”

Annalie blew a bubble with gum!

“Now I shall begin my quest for my village!”

“(in a deep voice) ‘You look wonderful, dipped in magical. You look golden, like you are made of love.’ (falsetto) ‘Why thank you, sir!’”

“When I add the friction between the fractions, should I use seconds, minutes, hours, or days?”

“When she grows up she’ll be just like her mom, a fierce predator! But even then she’ll still be my baby, Kitty Clover.”

“Soon everyone will be my butler, and I’ll be generous to everyone. Who’s nicer now!?”

“We have an escaper! I repeat, we have an escaper! Katy escaped!”

spaghetti inspection

“Would you like to try my vegetable salad? It’s famous! It won Healthiest, Tastiest Salad at the county fair. I only use FRESH ingredients.”

“Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about shepherds and what they technically do.”

Annalie on the front porch

APRIL 2011

“A clean restaurant is a happy restaurant, I always say. Or at least I’ll start saying it now.”

“This looks like a job for…Super Sis!”

“I’ve been workin’ on my beatboxin’.”

“The recipe is: two buns, one burger, lettuce, a pickle, and exactly one thousand sesame seeds–no more, no less.”

checking out the daffodils

“When I see a patch of green, green grass it makes me want to spin and jump and run on it.”

“I think I’ll go back in time and ask a genius scientist to invent Pokemon.”

“Circus peanuts are my only weakness.”

Annalie's whiteboard sketch of our dining room

“Let’s blow UP this pop stand!”

“I don’t care if they’re called jellybeans. I’m gonna call them jelly EGGS.”

“That is one freaky vehicle. ”

“I’m just the cook and the waitress; I’m not the person who points the way and shouts the name of the Chicken Pot Clock.”

creating her own wind

“We’re wasting time! And if we’re wasting time, we’re wasting wind.”

“Note to self: coconut shampoo does not taste as good as it smells.”

“Airplanes are not my preferred mode of travel. I prefer to travel on the ground. A nice, fun, relaxing trip in a car–that’s what I like.”

geekling in repose