Outside my window I can see the multicolored Christmas lights we keep strung up on our back patio year-round, and beyond that the lights of the city.

I am thinking about the Morning Glory Muffins I want to make tonight. Have I ever blogged that recipe? I really should.

I am thankful for Troy. I mean, I’m thankful for a lot of things, but right now what’s on my mind is how awesome Troy is and how blessed I am to have such a fantastic husband who takes care of me and our girls with zero whining and who watches the big game in between grilling hot dogs for lunch and playing outside with Elliora and giving me a shoulder rub because I have a headache. Like, SERIOUSLY, you guys. I totally won the husband lottery, and I know it and I’m thankful for him every single day.

I am wearing a Nebraska Huskers t-shirt, a Nebraska huskers hoodie, stretch jeans with stars on them, Wonder Woman underwear that I bought in Australia, my wedding and engagement rings, tiny silver disc earrings, and a purple stretchy ponytail holder on my wrist.

I am remembering that I really do like blogging and I should try to get back into the habit, maybe. What do you think? I should also get back into the habit of reading blogs. Since Google Reader went kaplooie I basically don’t read blogs anymore. (Now I hang out on Tumblr. If any of you are on Tumblr and you follow me there, shoot me a message so I know you’re a blog reader! Or that you were a blog reader, back in the days when I blogged. Sigh.)

I am going to spend this coming Wednesday hanging out with Brenda and Bug and Heather, aka CC! Heather lives in NorCal now, so I hardly ever see her even though we live in the same state, and I miss her.

I am currently reading about six different things. Let me see. I’m reading Deadly Heat, the latest book by mystery author Richard Castle…who is the main character played by Nathan Fillion on the TV show Castle, of course. Don’t judge, they’re good books, and a lot of fun if you watch the show because they always have tons of easter eggs for fans. I’m also reading the latest Rick Riordan book, House of Hades. I’m re-reading Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl; I’m pretty much always reading one or another of Rainbow’s books. I haven’t picked either of them up for a while, but I’m also technically in the middle of reading Gayle Forman’s If I Stay and Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Oh, and I’ve been reading Secret Agent Josephine in Paris (by guess who!) to Elliora at bedtime almost every night since we brought our copy home. It’s a really fun book–you should probably buy a copy or three if you haven’t already.

I am hoping that all the sleep I got last night (and all the sleep I’m planning to get tonight), all the Emergen-C and vitamin C I’ve been taking, and all the peppermint tea with honey I’ve been drinking are going to keep this cold from taking over my life for the next two weeks.

On my mind: Honestly? Thor: The Dark World. I just saw it today with Bonnie and Claire, and it was excellent. And Zachary Levi, AKA Chuck Bartowski, was in it! Forget Loki; I was more excited about Fandral.

—several hours pass while we eat dinner and get the kids to bed and watch episodes of Sleepy Hollow and White Collar and I make Morning Glory Muffins—

Noticing that I really don’t like this “True Airplane Disasters!” show that Troy is watching. (He changed the channel when I asked nicely.)

Around the house we still have way too much stuff. It’s a perpetual problem with growing children, I suppose. Also, our kids are the kind who shed belongings and leave a trail everywhere they go. I’ve become mostly-resigned to the fact that our house is just never going to be perfectly neat and organized. It’s either that, or spend my days nagging everyone to pick up their crap and living in a state of constant annoyance, and I don’t want to be like that. So most of the time I sigh and let it go.

In the kitchen, there are Morning Glory Muffins cooling on the counter and a sink full of dirty dishes.

One of my favorite things is our Fiber Friday homeschooling group. It’s basically a playgroup for the kids, and a knit/crochet/stitch/drink coffee/chat group for the moms. Everyone in that group is awesome and I’m grateful for them.

From my photo archive:

Ides of March fashion, by Annalie This is Elliora's Going-To-Pick-Up-Chinese-Food-With-Daddy outfit (with optional puzzle accessory), 100% selected by her.

On the left is a photo of Annalie in an outfit chosen entirely by her in March 2008, when she was almost 4. On the right is a photo of Elliora in an outfit chosen entirely by her today, when she is two weeks shy of her third birthday.

how to get what you need

January 27th, 2013

Party security. @troygronberg @secretagentjo


Troy: You’re supposed to ask nicely, like, “Daddy, can you please get me something?”

E: Daddy, can you please get me something?

T: No, you’re supposed to say, “Can you please get me the thing I need?”

E: Daddy, can you get me the thing I need?

T: I mean, you say the thing you need, like, “Daddy, can you please get me raisins?”

E: Daddy, can you get me raisins?

T: Can I get a “please” in there?

E: Please in there.

T: No, I mean, can you say, “Daddy, can you please get me raisins?”


right now I’m thirsty

May 4th, 2012


Outside my window there is a supermoon!

I am thinking about The Avengers. Troy and I just went to see it this evening (on opening day!) and it was really, really excellent. Joss Whedon knows how to direct an ensemble cast like no one else, man. Usually during action movies I get pretty bored during the action sequences, but I wasn’t bored for a single minute during this movie, which simultaneously felt like it flew by and went on far longer than 2 hours, 20 minutes. There were a couple of cameos that were a pleasant surprise, and I laughed out loud many times. When the end credits started I turned to Troy and said, “I wanna see that again.”

I am thankful for the fact that the big database Troy’s division was working on, the one that was causing him to work such ridiculously late hours and some weekends, has been turned over. Troy has been coming home in time for dinner most of this week, and it’s been fantastic. I know it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it while it does.

I am wearing dark gray yoga pants and this t-shirt. Why ARE there so many songs about arcs of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 380 and 750 nm in concentric bands formed by the refraction and reflection of solar energy off of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere? (Though really…there aren’t that many.)

I am remembering that I really loved the TV show “The Incredible Hulk.”

I am going to the National Mall tomorrow. We thought it would be cool to take Aurora downtown and take photos of her in front of some national monuments and museums, so she’ll be able to see evidence that she visited D.C. when she’s older.

I am currently reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Well, re-reading it, really. It’s only been released in the UK so far, but it will be released in the U.S. and Canada next February. So if you think you’d like a book that’s funny and sad, sarcastic and sincere, and above all geeky—a book about two misfit high-schoolers who accidentally end up sitting on the school bus together every day and fall in love over X-Men and Watchmen comic books and mix tapes featuring The Cure and the Smiths—a book about falling in love the way you do when you’re 16 and it’s your first love and everything is desperate and hopeless and wildly hopeful—then stay tuned. I’ll be talking about E&P again in February, have no fear.

I am hoping that out cats will stop vomiting and peeing and pooping all over the place. But I know it’s a forlorn hope. They’re 16 and 10 years old. They’re gonna be throwing up on our carpets and peeing on our laundry and pooping right next to the litter box until they die, probably. Sigh.

On my mind: Uh…my mind is a blank for once. Fringe? We’re watching Part 1 of the Season 4 finale right now.

Noticing that I need a pedicure. And to use lotion on my hands more often.

Around the house things are getting rather messy. Three kids create so much more mess than two. I don’t even wanna think about what four kids would be doing.

In the kitchen, there is a bag of gumdrops. BRB.

One of my favorite things is the bouquet of orange ranunculus and pink tulips sitting on our mantel.

Woolly caterpillar

From my photo archive: our friends’ daughter holding a woolly caterpillar on a stick at the beach in April 2007.