Day 1 - rainballs!
7 Days – Day 1

I originally crocheted a bunch of these rainbow balls for Bug’s 4th birthday party as party favors. Brenda promptly christened them “rainballs” which is really fun to say.


I just finished making a whole mess of rainballs for a blog reader who plans ahead. She asked me in March if she could put in a custom order for 15 rainballs for her daughter’s birthday party…which will be in November. It took me three months to get around to making them, and I still finished the order five months early. Oh yeah, I rock.

They’re in my Etsy shop waiting for you, Kim!

rainball with ridges

I’ve been on a major crocheting kick lately. It seems like a weird time of year to spend hours working with warm fuzzy yarn, but this happened last year at this time too. I think the common denominator is that the spring TV season ended and I found a new show to watch compulsively online. Last year it was Chuck; this year it’s Bones.

blanket for Baby Kate plus big-sister doll blankets

The first blankets I finished this spring were actually done a couple of months ago. The big blanket above (which was greatly inspired by this beautiful blanket of Colorbook‘s) was made for my dear friend Angela’s baby girl, Kate, in April. The two smaller blankets were for Kate’s big sisters Gabby & Annie, two of Annalie’s best friends from our old playgroup in Maryland. I thought that Gabby and Annie, who are 6 and 4, could use the little blankets for their dolls or stuffed animals, but Angela tells me that they’ve both been cuddling with them while they sleep. That made me melt into a puddle of goo and feel very loved. (We miss you too, girls!)

Ashley's flower hexagon blanket

The next blanket I finished was for another playgroup friend, Rebekah, who just had baby Ashley last week! Bek had mentioned that she really liked my flower scarves, so I looked around until I found this neat flower-hexagon pattern (found in the comments of this photo). I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, except looking at this photo I decided it needs three more flowers to be symmetrical.

scrunchy baby

Ashley doesn’t seem to care that the blanket isn’t symmetrical, though. So I guess it’s fine as it is.

Ashley and me

Bekah snapped this great shot of me and Ashley. Isn’t she cute?

all the Kunz kids

No surprise there, though. All her older siblings are adorable too.

colorful nine-patch spiral-square  baby blanket

After making those four blankets, I had lots of pretty yarn left over. So I whipped up this little nine-patch blanket for another friend who just had a baby. I can’t say who, though, because I have not actually mailed it yet.

flip-flop blanket

Then I made another little blanket with leftover yarn, this one done in a pattern that I’ve known for years. I’ve started several blankets in this style and never finished any of them, so I was especially pleased to actually complete this one. The blanket is sort of reversible, see?

flip-flop blanket

The body of the blanket is just rows of single crochet, but every row is done in the back loops only. It makes the yarn lay differently so that one one side you mostly see the white rows, and on the other side you mostly see the rainbow-colored rows. The border is done the same way, except I alternated which side you see the white and colorful rows. (If you’re really interested in this pattern let me know, I can elaborate more clearly.) This one is for a friend who hasn’t had her baby yet, but I can’t tell you who because it’s a surprise.

granny square

Finally, here’s a small granny-square blanket I made with more scraps. I totally winged it, as you can see from the couple of spots where I suddenly changed color mid-round.

she thought it was hilarious to sit on the table hugging her blanket

I made this with no particular recipient in mind, just keeping my hands busy while I watched TV. Annalie had remarked on how pretty it was several times, so I gave it to her. She was happy.

14 Responses to “Day 1 – rainballs! (and other crocheted things)”

  1. Jen Wilson says:

    My WORD woman! You are INCREDIBLE!

    I mentioned to Anna last week that you are one of those people that could be (or, IS) a Professional Friend.

    I LOVE your colorful creations!!

  2. SAJ says:

    I love all of them!

  3. Melissa says:

    All of the blankets turned out great – so fun and colorful! You really make me want to learn how to crochet.

  4. Erin says:

    I agree with Jen. You are, like, the best professional friend ever! Always have been. I guess that is because you have so much experience friending.

    I think I need to get baby because I love all your patterns. Anyone out there have an extra? Baby that is. I am totally serious.

  5. Kassie says:

    You are a crocheting fool! Those are all absolutely beautiful. I’m really impressed with your skill and the great color choices too. I want to have a kid just to get a Bethany Blanket!

  6. Kunzes says:

    How did you make those blankets? I really like them. Did you make them by yourself?

    Send a TV.

    Did you use directions to make them? They look very hard.

    I love how every one is different and beautiful! My adorable kids all wanted to comment, but I’m not sure Jack really gets the concept.

  7. Rachel says:

    I think they’re all beautiful but I love, love, LOVE the flower one.

  8. Ashley says:

    Wow, i LOVE your blankets! I have to learn to do granny squares! Im still working on one blanket and its taking me months, and its only one color. I adore those bright and colorful blankets :)

    p.s: all ashleys are pretty awesome :P

  9. BeachMama says:

    I’m with SAJ, I love them all!! The shot of Ashley on her blanket just made me want another one (baby, not blanket)!!!

  10. Sarah says:

    Your productivity knows no bounds, woman!
    Ashley looks so sweet on her lovely blanket.

  11. Kuky says:

    I am so jealous that you finish so many blankets. It takes me forever to finish one tiny little thing. I seriously would love to crochet a blanket. But I have a fear I will never finish so I don’t even want to start. And I shouldn’t really start when I already have so many unfinished projects lost in the house.

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  13. Jessie says:

    I LOVE these blankets!!! I’m pregnant and this is totally making me want to sit down and crochet something for my little one!

  14. Annmarie LeFevre-Zampich says:

    Hi Bethany,
    I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed it. I just started crocheting and I love your blankets! I especially love the reversible one. I haven’t completed any large scale projects yet but have a great niece or nephew due around the time you are (congrats by the way) and would love to try this pattern. Could you tell me where I could find the instructions to it? Or would it be too much trouble for you to elaborate a little further for me? I can read basic crochet instructions but nothing too complicated yet. Thanks, I appreciate any help you can give me.