When Troy and I lived in San Diego as newlyweds, we decided that instead of being bummed about not having a white Christmas like the ones we grew up with in the Midwestern U.S., we would embrace what’s great about San Diego in December. So we started a tradition of going to the beach on Christmas Day. We’ve continued this tradition for 17 years, whenever we’ve been someplace warm enough to go to the beach in winter. Sometimes we hit the tidepools, sometimes we have a cookout. But we always enjoy ourselves and never once have we wished for snow to play in instead of sand.

Happy, merry, wonder and joy to you all! I hope wherever you were today, you were with loved ones and eating good food and laughing. My gift to you is 28 seconds of the sound of the Pacific Ocean, two little girls squealing a bit, and a lovely sunset.

One Response to “Day 5 – Season’s Greetings from the beach!”

  1. Erin L. says:

    I like the cameo at the end too! Looking for positives – maybe you will get to enjoy the Atlantic again on Christmas!