Elliora says…

April 4th, 2012


30 March 2012 – I’ve tried to list these in roughly the order she started using them, but otherwise they’re in no particular order.

  • Kitty (originally “kih,” now kind of a trilling “khhllhhlllee” sound that’s a cross between kitty and purring)
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Aaaa/Eeee/Ahh-eee (Annalie)
  • Lily (one of our cats’ names; the other is Katy which sounds similar to kitty)
  • Hi
  • Yeah
  • Bye-bye
  • Whee
  • Wow
  • Ball (“bowww”)
  • Book
  • Grandma (Mamaw)
  • Grandpa (Papa)
  • Zat?/Wazzat? (What is it?/What’s that?)
  • Beep-beep (means “truck” or the sound)
  • Dip
  • Rub-rub (lotion)
  • Cheeeeese (what she says when she does her scrunched-up smile for a camera, not necessarily the food)
  • Woof-woof
  • Rora (Aurora, her one-year-older cousin in Omaha)
  • Cookie
  • Deck
  • Duck
  • Moon
  • Airplane (“eh-pee”)
  • Drink
  • Bite
  • More (the word and the sign)
  • Chalk
  • Please (“peees”)
  • Thank you (“tatu”)
  • pizza (“zip-zah”)
  • Baby (“beebee”)
  • Water (“wawa”)
  • Bubble (this is also our neighbor’s cat, whom Elliora loves to bits and chases every time she sees him)
  • Purple (Elliora consistently chooses purple when given a choice of colors, and picks it as her favorite color when asked)
  • Kiwi (“wiwi”)
  • Wipe
  • Dog
  • Apple (means apple or applesauce)
  • Moon
  • Bird
  • Mine
  • No

04 April 2012

  • peas
  • turkey
  • in
  • out
  • E (the first letter in her name!)
  • banana
  • brush (“ruh”)
  • bar (granola bar)

07 April 2012

  • buckle
  • bunny
  • fish (“Fshoosh”)
  • sock
  • uh-oh

08 April 2012

  • egg
  • jacket
  • Lena
  • juice
  • cracker
  • happy

11 April 2012

  • mine (only it’s pronounced more like MIIIIINE!!!)
  • truck
  • mermaid

18 April 2012

  • broccoli (“brock-ee”)
  • sissy (nickname for Annalie)
  • jump
  • bounce
  • flip
  • sparkle
  • meow (“yow!”)

1 May 2012

  • Yummy!
  • tree
  • bath
  • time for a bath
  • cheeks
  • arm
  • leg
  • You’re welcome (“wock-em”)
  • Supes-E (Superman. Elliora and Aurora have identical Superman dolls, so on Elliora’s Superman, we wrote an E on the bottom of one of his feet. Somehow she turned that into “Supes-E.”)

03 May 2012

  • Emmy (one of her playgroup friends)
  • walk (“Wock!”)
  • burp
  • poopy (She says this whenever we’re changing her diaper, even if it’s only wet, but has also recently started saying it when she actually has pooped.)

Annnnd I think that’s the first time I’ve ever talked about poop on the internet. Ah, parenthood.

06 May 2012

  • shoe
  • read (“ree”)
  • chin
  • Olivia
  • Blue’s Clues (“Booss Cooss!”)
  • Pets (Wonder Pets)

15 May 2012

  • Debbie
  • puppy
  • blankie

02 June 2012

I haven’t been keeping up with this list very well, because (1) it’s often several days after Elliora starts using a new word that I realize, “Oh! She wasn’t saying that a few days ago,” and (2) she’s saying SO MANY WORDS now. She’s even speaking in short sentences, occasionally. I’ll keep adding words occasionally; just know that this list isn’t all-inclusive.

  • towel
  • melon (pronounced “lemon,” which is confusing but adorable)
  • pretzel
  • pretty
  • pool
  • hot
  • Let’s see…
  • I do it!
  • sit
  • knee
  • yogurt
  • “thank you” at the appropriate times without being prompted to do so (about half the time)
  • stuck

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  2. Erin L. says:

    Next thing you’ll know she’ll be using big words in everyday conversation like her mama (obviously). Also, I don’t see Auntie Erin on that list. We’ll have to do something about that.

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