Joe, me and Kassie...on a boat

Joe and Kassie were here last week for a couple of days. The main purpose of their visit was to pick up the Porsche. Troy figured it didn’t make much sense to have it sitting in our garage the whole time he’s deployed, so he decided to make Joe his bestest friend for life by asking if he wanted to borrow it for a few months. Joe’s response to that offer was, “I AM DOING EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.”

Joe & Bug

Joe and Kassie worked it all out, and they hopped on a plane and I picked them up at the airport the morning after we got back from our NC-VA-MD trip. Good thing they’re such good friends that I wasn’t stressing about them coming to visit mere hours after we got back from our own travels.

hmpf. girls in green

Also, good thing that I’m friends with Brenda who likes to cat-sit for me and always cleans my house for me before I get home. (No, you can’t have her. She’s my house-sitter, MINE! Um, I mean…I think I’m getting a little too used to having my own personal house- and cat-sitter.)

Joe painting manly stripes Kassie painting dottery

me, looking all artsy and pensive Brenda & me

It was nice that Brenda and Bug were still here when Joe & Kassie arrived. They’ve all been hearing about each other for ages. We persuaded Brenda to stay longer than she’d intended so she and Bug could come to lunch with us. Then my mom watched Annalie and Bug so we could all go paint pottery, which was a blast. I love it when my friends get along with each other. It makes me happy.


Annalie & me

The second day Joe and Kassie were here we were even busier. We started off with a harbor cruise, and then swung by the beach to get our feet wet. Well, the adults planned to get their feet wet, anyway. We all know how Annalie feels about the ocean (she hasn’t changed her tune since that beach visit last summer when she suddenly was scared to death of the waves coming to get her) and we didn’t expect her to get within 20 feet of the water.

filling her bucket running back to the sand

Huh. She decided to fill the bucket with water herself, okay! That’s totally a good thing! You go, Annalie!

Gramaw & Annalie Joe & Annalie

Want to pose for some photos so we can show Daddy how you’re not afraid of the waves anymore? All right, let’s do that! We’re having fun now!

forgot she wasn't in a swimsuit beach-crazed eyes

And then she totally forgot she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit. I wasn’t about to scold her, though, when it was the first time she voluntarily went near the water at the beach in over a year.

Swimsuits? Who needs swimsuits?

I’m not sure why she suddenly decided the ocean wasn’t scary. Maybe her recently-acquired swimming skills gave her confidence. Whatever the reason, it made me very happy to see her charging into the water, laughing and shrieking even when she fell down and the waves splashed her in the face.

splashing away beach girl, again

It was hard to tear her away from the beach, but I promised her we could go back soon, after the holiday weekend when the beach would be less crowded.

Whatta view.

Before we did that, though, we had to take Joe & Kassie up to Snail Mountain for the traditional breakfast of pastries and lattes. Neither of them had ever been up there before, and they were wowed by the fantastic views of the city. I think I go up there so often that I’m just used to it, and have to be reminded of how spectacular it really is. Thanks for the reminder, guys.

my mom, with Starbucks she was pouting yet still gave me bunny ears

Believe it or not, all these photos in this post were taken by Joe (except the ones with Joe in them, those were taken by me or my mom with Joe’s camera). I think my favorite of all is that last one, where Annalie is pouting about something yet at the same time giving me bunny ears. Ah, life with a five-year-old.

If you want to see more of Joe’s fantastic photos, check out the photoset ’09 Southwest Road Trip in his flickr stream. I’ve only posted a sampling in my own flickr.

Coming soon: more photos! a recipe for really delicious vegetable soup! crocheting! pottery! more exclamation points than you can handle!!!!!

(Can you tell it’s 1:30 in the morning?)

7 Responses to “Joe took a lot of pictures in two and a half days”

  1. Mim says:

    Looks like a great trip! You are so very blessed with such wonderful people in your life.

  2. BeachMama says:

    Wow Troy ROCKS!! And I wish I had a house sitter like Brenda. My Stepson does his best, but I don’t think he pulls out the vacuum while we are gone ;)

  3. jastereo says:

    Hilarious post (but then I’m a bit biased…AS I HAVE YOUR PORSCHE IN MY GARAGE!!!!!!)

    “decided to make Joe his bestest friend for life” – cracked me up.

    Thanks again so much for our visit. You’re awesome as always (as are your mom, child and friends we got to hang with).

  4. Rhi says:

    I think it’s weird that you can go in your ocean without freezing ;-)

  5. Bekah says:

    I hope you meant “coming soon: details and pictures of our amazing time in Maryland”!

  6. Rena says:

    I like the striped mug that Joe is painting – very cool!

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