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Do you read Balancing Everything? Jessica (AKA kerflop, AKA verymom) and her family have dealt with a number of health issues in the past year or two, a couple of them involving surgery. The most recent one involved Jessica learning of and having surgery to repair a hole in her heart that was—atypically—causing her to experience frequent blackouts.

I’ve been reading Jessica’s hilarious and heartfelt take on homeschooling, gardening, ineffective-but-well-meaning housekeeping, and life with kids for years now. Even though I’ve never met her in person, I feel like we’re good friends once removed, because of our mutual friendship with Heather. I’ve been following along with the health dramas and ensuing financial stresses, praying for her and her family, wishing I could do more.

Then a couple of her good friends decided to give Jessica a rash and a ray of sunshine in one fell swoop. They took over her blog and set up a donation button, compiled a list of businesses who are donating a portion of their profits to help Jessica’s family cover their medical expenses, and asked for donations to a charity auction.

And that’s where I come in. I donated a custom-painted piece of pottery to the Operation Pay For the Hole auction to help Jessica and her family pay for recent medical expenses. The auction closes on the 10th, which means as long as the winner contacts me promptly, I would have time to paint and ship the piece in time for it to be a Christmas gift! There are some other neat items up for grabs, including a handmade bag and some beaded yarn and crocheted earrings I’ve got my eye on. Why not check it out? ‘Tis the season for helping our fellow bloggers, right?

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  1. jessica says:

    This is so lovely, thank you Bethany!!