Seven! The FINAL run of 7 Days

December 20th, 2013

If you’ve ever been a 7 Dayer, come join us for our last hurrah, even if it’s just for one day!

21-17 December 2013

Somebody’s THREE today!

November 29th, 2013

Somebody's THREE! (Annalie made her a fancy birthday breakfast.)

Annalie made a fancy breakfast (jam and sliced bananas in the middle of a dinner roll leftover from Thanksgiving dinner, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and candles) for Elliora this morning, and she had some presents to open thanks to Annalie and my mom.

[In her best Jake-the-Neverland-Pirate voice] "I spy a byoo-full ballerina!"

She had zero presents to open from her parents, because we somehow completely forgot to buy her any. I KNOW. What kind of parents don’t buy their child ANY birthday presents!? My only answer is: sick ones.

This is the same excuse I’ve been using a lot lately. We were all varying degrees of sick for most of the last month. I had it the worst, as usual. After the cold everyone else had turned into a sinus infection with bonus pinkeye for me, and even after I finished a round of antibiotics and eyedrops, I’m still coughing and hacking and sniffling. I’m definitely better every day; I just wish my body would get the message that the infection is vanquished and stop producing so much extra mucus. Gah.

ANYWAY. Elliora loved her presents from my mom and Annalie. I don’t think she even noticed we didn’t have any gifts for her. We were planning to take her to the tidepools after lunch, at her request, but it started raining. So we’re waiting to do that another day.

I showed her the photo of Erin, Rocco & Indy to remind her who'd given her the outfit. So she posed without for a picture. Thanks, friends!

Oh! And Elliora got this outfit complete with fabulous SILVER SPACE PANTS from Erin, Rocco and Indira. Erin was together enough to bring it with her when they came to visit earlier this month. Elliora liked it so much she insisted on putting it on immediately, not even stopping to take off her pajamas. She thought it was especially cool how the silver pants matched the silver on the shirt.

I hope all my fellow Americans had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday! I cooked up a storm, and we ate well.

Obligatory plate shot. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I'm thankful for all of you internet people. <3

The rest of you, I hope you had a great Thursday and that you have a lovely weekend. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take the banana chocolate-chip birthday cake out of the oven. Later it’ll be frosted with peanut butter frosting. Yum!

Banana chocolate-chip birthday cake, baking now.

little ripples make big waves

A while back, I bought a “Little ripples make big waves” t-shirt from Sanctuary for Kids. Given the weird sizing of women’s clothing, the women’s XL fitted shirt was too small for my 5’2″ medium-framed self. So I bought another shirt, a men’s M, and it fit perfectly.

Tonight I was digging through my dresser for something, and I came across the first shirt. It occurred to me that Annalie might want it for a sleep shirt, so I took it to her bedroom and offered it to her.

“Little ripples make big waves?” She read the front of the shirt and looked at me inquiringly. I turned the shirt around to show her the Sanctuary for Kids logo on the back and explained that it was an organization dedicated to helping kids in crisis, like getting better food and more blankets and educational materials for the Nepal Orphans Home.

“It was co-founded by the woman who played Sam Carter on Stargate, Amanda Tapping–”

Annalie snatched the shirt from my hands and hugged it to her chest. “If Amanda Tapping did it, then it must be good and I want the shirt.