Day 6 – 6-year-old me

December 26th, 2013

Day 6 - 6-year-old me by bethany actually
Day 6 – 6-year-old me, a photo by bethany actually on Flickr.

I’ve been meaning to use this ornament in a 7 Days photo for seven years now, so I guess it’s time I got around to it. One of my cousins painted this ornament for me in 1981, when I was 6 years old. As a bonus, there are four ornaments in this photo that were made by 7 Dayers.

Becca (smiles2have) made Golden Snitch ornaments for me and Jen when we went to LeakyCon, the Harry Potter fan convention, together in Oregon this past summer. The TARDIS ornament was painted for me by Bonnie. The silver wreath at the bottom was purchased from Doow via her Etsy shop. And the sparkly lemon that is hiding behind my hand was made by sams&nickels years ago for an ornament swap.

That photo of my nonplussed, gap-toothed 6-year-old self always makes me laugh. I have no idea why I remember this, but I was wearing roller skates when this photo was taken. I believe my mom took this photo because I’d just lost one of my front teeth. (Cue “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”!)

Here’s my alternate Day 6 photo:

on the way home from the movies with Bonnie

Me and Bonnie, on the way home from the movies. We went to see Catching Fire, Bonnie for the first time and me for the, uh, third time. It’s a really good movie, what can I say.

When Troy and I lived in San Diego as newlyweds, we decided that instead of being bummed about not having a white Christmas like the ones we grew up with in the Midwestern U.S., we would embrace what’s great about San Diego in December. So we started a tradition of going to the beach on Christmas Day. We’ve continued this tradition for 17 years, whenever we’ve been someplace warm enough to go to the beach in winter. Sometimes we hit the tidepools, sometimes we have a cookout. But we always enjoy ourselves and never once have we wished for snow to play in instead of sand.

Happy, merry, wonder and joy to you all! I hope wherever you were today, you were with loved ones and eating good food and laughing. My gift to you is 28 seconds of the sound of the Pacific Ocean, two little girls squealing a bit, and a lovely sunset.

Day 4 – Silent night

December 25th, 2013

Day 4 - Silent night by bethany actually
Day 4 – Silent night, a photo by bethany actually on Flickr.

I had taken another self-portrait for my Day 4 photo already when we went to Christmas Eve service, but I found myself looking at the candle I’d been handed at the door, idly thinking that I should snap a quick picture of the little cardboard wax guard that was exactly the same as every other candle I’ve used at Christmas Eve services at a dozen different churches. That’s when I realized my earlier self-portrait was about to become an alternate.

Traffic mirror in my neighborhood.

Alternate Day 4 photo, taken in a traffic mirror in my neighborhood. I’ve thought so many times as I’ve driven past it, “I need to use that in a 7 Days photo someday.” So I finally did. Sort of.