"Catch me, Elliora!" (happy thing: this photo)

Elliora was so teeny nine months ago. Wow.

Anyway…does anyone remember this photo, and how I asked y’all to help me think of a funny caption, and then I did a poll to see who should win?

I’d say we have a clear winner:

Congratulations, kc! Your caption is especially appropriate because I just read all seven Harry Potter novels for the first time the week after New Year’s. I’d like to paint you a mug or bowl or something as a prize. Email me and we’ll talk details!

8 Responses to “possibly the slowest contest results ever”

  1. Kassie says:

    I love that you waited this long to read Harry Potter!

  2. Kassie, I waited so I could watch all the movies first. That way, the books were like bonus material on the movies, instead of the movies annoying me because they didn’t adapt the books correctly!

  3. kc says:

    Wahoo! :D emailed ya!

  4. Emerson says:

    That is killer patience, waiting until all the movies were out to read the books. I grew up with Harry Potter, I was at exactly the right age when the first book came out and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was always in line for it when it came out and I’d disappear into my room until it was done, with a bag of Doritos and some juice. (Orange smudges on my pages back me up on that).

    The movies were good for what they were. I don’t know why people ever expect movies to live up to the rich detail combined with imagination that a book can provide. It’s just not the same experience – its someone else’s vision for the story. The books are definitely better but the movies have their strengths too. :)

  5. Emerson – Well, when the first book came out I think I was in my early 20s. :-) So they didn’t have the same pull for me that they probably would have if I’d been ten years younger, or even five years younger. I did read the first book and half of the second one around the time the 3rd or 4th book came out, just to see what the fuss was all about, and my reaction was, “Yep, these are definitely good books. I can see why everyone likes them so much.” But then I was talking with a friend about it, and she advised me that if I wanted to truly enjoy the movies, I should wait till they were all done so I wouldn’t be mad about all the stuff they had to leave out. I took her advice, and I am really glad I did. I loved the movies, and now I love the books.

    Also, FWIW, Princess Bride is one of the rare cases where the movie is as awesome as, and maybe even surpasses in some ways, the book. Although the book is incredible too.

  6. Didn’t get a chance to vote as this is my first visit to your blog, but I am so glad this caption won! Great photo. :)

  7. Sara says:

    I agree with Emerson that the books on Harry Potter are way content richer than the movies.

    Elliora is so cute!