the queue

March 12th, 2009

crafting queue mosaic

This is my attempt to stay on top of my works-in-progress, both personal and commissioned projects. If you think you’re supposed to be on this list and you don’t see yourself, please let me know!


  • Crochet balls for Prestonnot yet shipped
  • Crochet balls for Auroranot yet shipped
  • Crochet balls for Indiranot yet shipped
  • Granny square blanket for Faith
  • Baby blanket for Rachel & Jeff
  • Baby blanket for Mandy
  • Flower headbands for Bekah – oh my gosh I can’t believe I haven’t done these yet
  • blue flower beanie for Sonja – Still pondering!
  • colorful flower scarf for Donna
  • super-soft chocolate-brown poncho for Brenda

Painting Pottery

  • large serving plate or bowl for Stephanie in Fiesta Ware colors
  • Firefly quote mug for Ailly28 – waiting to hear about colors/size
  • Two orange-and-blue rounded lodge mugs for Joel – painted, being fired
  • Two I-crochet-so-I-don’t-kill-people mugs for Candy
  • I-knit-so-I-don’t-kill-people mug for Heather (for her friend B.J.)

(Thanks for letting me copy your idea, Brenda!)

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