Rapunzel & her doppelganger

As I mentioned last week, we had two weekends in a row of birthday parties. Those of you who know me well are probably asking right about now if I’ve lost my mind. I am not a party animal by any stretch of the imagination. Hanging out with large, noisy groups of people is something I normally only like to do in small, measured doses with plenty of time in between.

We promised them coins for the fountain

I’m not much of a social butterfly. I prefer hanging out with one or two close friends over spending all my time with a big group of acquaintances. And I don’t even feel the need to spend that much time with good friends, honestly. I don’t like solitude; I need it to stay sane.

silly faces

I think this is one way in which the Navy has changed me a little. I tend to suck it up a lot more often than I used to and spend time with the people I love, because in a year or two I’ll be on the other side of the country from them. I know that if I spent all my time making excuses for why I couldn’t go to lunch or walk to the beach or invite friends to the zoo, eventually I’d look back on all the missed opportunities and regret them.

So! Last weekend the exact same crew who came to Annalie’s birthday came down again for Rapunzel’s (no, that’s not her real name) 11th birthday party.

amber's bday mosaic 1

I had nothing to do with the planning this time, I merely provided guest accommodations and a staging ground…and cake, because I care a lot about cake…and baked eggrolls because they’re delicious and I wanted to make them. And they went perfectly with the party theme, Rapunzel’s Mish-Mash Asian Bento Box Birthday Bash! Amber loves her mom’s stir-fries and requested those for her birthday dinner, and that led to all kinds of fun stuff: bento box lunches (really just pb&j sandwiches, pocky, and sesame candy in cheaper-ware boxes), games with cotton balls and chopsticks, making candy “sushi”, paper crane decorations, making paper fans for a craft.

amber's bday cake mosaic

The cake wasn’t really Asian at all, though the decorations that Brenda and Rapunzel designed did look sort of Indian, in my opinion. (And don’t think I didn’t think about making some kind of matcha cake.) It was, at Rapunzel’s request, a chocolate-and-strawberry marble cake with orange-tinted vanilla cream cheese frosting. I’d never made such a thing before, but I love a baking challenge. It turned out pretty tasty, too.

Photos taken by Jen, mosaic from Brenda‘s photostream

And we painted! Brenda had the great idea to take the little kids along, and then shuttle them back home where my mom would supervise them till the rest of us finished. (Have I mentioned my mom is pretty great? She is.) That way, Annalie and SuperChic and Bug all got to paint a little, and after they left the moms got to paint too. Ooh, that reminds me, I need to pick up our pottery tomorrow.

wolverine hands
Photo from Brenda‘s photostream

The whole party was super fun, and I’m happy we were able to host it. (Still…I’m glad that this weekend will be party-free!)

2 Responses to “Rapunzel’s birthday party”

  1. Bex says:

    The Chinese finger-traps on Rapunzel’s fingers in that last photo crack me up.

    And in the one of the kids, the first one, there must have been two cameras going — three of them are looking at you and three of them are looking in the other direction. Somehow I always love pictures like that.

    This party looks as fun as the last one! Surely it must be all that fantabulous, wonderful company you keep :)

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