little blue "be happy" dottery bowl

I realized, after I did that last post about the newly-listed items in my Etsy shop (several of which have already been purchased, thank you very much!), that I have not blogged about pottery I’ve painted for a long time. The last post I could find that had more than a fleeting mention of dottery in it was way back in April! So let me catch you up, if you’re interested.

The little blue ‘be happy’ bowl up there is one that I painted for no particular reason or recipient. I ended up sending it to Leah as an apology for taking so long to send her my half of our flip-flop swap.

bazinga inaccurate BBT quote

I painted this bowl for my friend Laura, with a slightly inaccurate Big Bang Theory quote on it. I don’t have a picture of it fired because Laura picked it up from the pottery shop when it was done.

Kassie's curse words mug

The things I do for my friends. Kassie was inspired to ask me to paint this for her after reading about the “first: kindness; then: F*** AUTHORITY” mug I painted for Elaine. And because I love her, I did it. I’ll even admit it was kinda fun. But I don’t plan on painting another one. This was a limited edition mug. I don’t have a picture of this one fired either. (You can read Kassie’s hilarious account of watching me paint it here.)

Kassie painting
She looks so innocent, doesn’t she? Not like a person who would ever ask a friend to paint a lovely dottery mug with her five favorite curse words on it.

Bex's whimsical Firefly mug

Bex's whimsical Firefly mug

I painted this geek dottery mug as a gift for the lovely Bex. It has two Firefly/Serenity quotes on it: “a little whimsical in the brainpan,” said by Mal in reference to the mentally-unstable River Tam; and, “Also, I can kill you with my brain,” a line said by a very calm River to a very spooked Jayne. The moral here is, never assume that just because someone’s whimsical that she is not also deadly when the situation calls for it.

Bex's whimsical Firefly mug Bex's whimsical Firefly mug

I had a lot of fun painting this mug, particularly the little whimsical bits.

annoying smudges

grr, another smudge

These annoying smudges are not fun, however. I took photos of this mug with my phone before it was fired, so I know these smudges weren’t there when I finished painting it. That means someone at the pottery studio wasn’t handling my pieces carefully. I’ve had this happen to at least three or four pieces I’ve painted at that studio. Rather disappointing because it’s only 10 minutes from my house.

be festive


Brenda had asked me to paint her a round dottery mug a while back, when her cool blue coral mug broke and she missed having a round mug. When I was in California and Brenda had the summer fiesta in our honor, she said that she needed to remember how much fun it is for her when she throws parties. So I painted her this mug as a reminder to be festive.

a vase for Jen

A little ‘be happy’ dottery vase I painted for Madge, at her request.

How's this mug look? Pretty cunning, don'tcha think?

This cunning mug was a custom order for my Etsy shop, a dotty mug with Jayne Cobb’s hat on the front and a Firefly quote on the back. I was a bit nervous about painting the hat, but I think it turned out pretty well.

"Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was was the best day ever."

“Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy…it was the best day ever.”



Annalie's Azurill plate

Annalie painted this Azurill plate the same day that I painted Katie’s NO WHINING sign. She pored over her Pokemon book, and picked the cutest one she thought she could paint. This was almost a disaster because she accidentally spilled a big blotch of black paint on the right ear and was very upset. I convinced her to leave the plate overnight and let it dry, and we’d come back the next day to fix it. We scraped the mistake off, and fixed the blue and pink, and now you can’t even tell the black blotch was there.

internet friends mugs

Remember those ‘internet friends FTW!’ mugs that Rainbow and I painted while I was in Omaha? Bad news.


It got broken during shipping. I was fairly bummed about this. I really liked those colors, and now Rainbow’s mug will be lonely.

big ol' crack

I couldn’t even superglue it together and use it to hold pens, because there was a big ol’ U-shaped crack all across one side. Of all the mugs and bowls and things I’ve shipped, this is the first one I’m aware of that has broken. So it’s possible there was some flaw in the bisque that made it more prone to breaking.

signed on the bottom

At least I still have the memories. And an excuse to drag Rainbow to paint pottery with me again next time I’m in Omaha.

yay, handprint! printing Elliora's hand

I actually got to paint pottery twice when we were in Omaha. The second time, I went with my mom, my girls, and Aurora. We did a handprint plate for my my mom with all three of her granddaughters’ handprints on it.

granddaughters handprint plate, unfired

"I paint!"

My mom wasn’t planning for Aurora to paint anything, but when she saw Annalie gathering paint and brushes, she said, “I paint? I paint too?” I helped her pick a plate and paint colors, and she painted the heck out of that plate.

Elliora is SHOCKED happy baby has the keys

Elliora didn’t paint. She hung out in the stroller, played with my mom’s keys.

baby with a sucker suckerhead

She had her first lollipop, which she kept rubbing on her hair, then putting back in her mouth with an “Mmmmm!” Crazy baby.

unfired butter dish

Annalie fingerpainted this butter dish for my parents. I wrote the word ‘Butter’ on it just in case they couldn’t remember what they were supposed to use it for. (This is a photo of it unfired; my mom didn’t get to pick it up till after we left.)

Annalie painted this plate for me

Annalie also painted this plate for me, using my favorite colors. Isn’t she sweet?

Elliora's handprint plate

Elliora did paint this plate, sort of. I helped her put handprints all over it one day when we were at our favorite pottery studio in Maryland. I think it turned out kinda cute, no?

'do what you love' purple dottery bowl

I think it’s pretty clear that I do what I love, or this post wouldn’t have been nearly this long.

8 Responses to “seven months’ worth of pottery-painting”

  1. Sonja says:

    I totally did a squee about the Bazinga! bowl because I WAS THERE when you painted it. <3

  2. SAJ says:

    I love my festive mug. It’s probably my favorite right now with the big one from Starbucks coming in at a close second. You know how I am about favorite mugs so this is a high compliment. Just the other day I was drinking from it and loving it and kicking myself for not telling you again. Because I really do love it that much! It needs a double thank you!

  3. Mrs. Wilson says:

    I so love your dottery.

  4. ~moe~ says:

    I love your dottery. I wish mine turned out as well as yours do. Maybe I just need to paint more. :) I’m sure my Mike will love it if he reads this. :)

  5. Jen says:

    Clearly what you do loves you too because this post is adorable. Someday I am going to order another dottery bowl from you. Soonish. Like, after Christmas.

    Oy. Christmas.

    Also, someday I am going to retrieve my plate from Sonja. Soonish.

  6. Kassie says:

    I’m so sad your Rainbow internet friends mug broke. After all the discussion and prep work, and it turned out really cute to boot! And thanks again for making the curse word mug. I can’t thank you enough. It makes me smile even while emptying and loading the dishwasher and that’s a impressive feat.

  7. Solai Luke says:

    It is a actually engaging post! Thank you for it! Together with best regards Luke aka couchgool.