spring cleaning

May 1st, 2012


*cough, cough* Gracious! It’s dusty in here, isn’t it? Let me just wipe away these cobwebs and blow off the dust…there, that’s better. I’m a little embarrassed at how I’ve neglected things around here. I have resolved to do better in May. Wish me luck.

welcome committee

My mom and my niece Aurora are here visiting us for a few weeks! It’s fun having them here, but my mom and I have been a little surprised by how much more exhausting it is to have three kids in the house (two of them toddlers) than it is to have only two. Of course, this is partly because Aurora has never been to our house before, had never flown on a plane, had never been more than a couple hours’ drive away from Omaha before. And Aurora is very two right now. In fact, she’s just about two and a half, which means she’s entering that period of disequilibrium that kids often go through around their half-birthdays. (I’ve talked about this before with Annalie.)

little house in the woods

Since Elliora is almost exactly a year younger than Aurora, she’s been going through a bit of disequilibrium herself lately, which isn’t surprising. She’s changing so fast these days, adding new words every day and even putting them together in short sentences. Three of her first-year molars have just popped through her gums, and at the park the other day she was climbing all over the big-kid play structure and going down the slides without any help from anyone. She cracks us up every day with mannerisms and reactions that seem older than her 18 months. She regularly eats more than her big sister, and when we have brussels sprouts or asparagus (!?) she eats as much or more than I do. She is meeting life head-on and keeping up with her cousin and big sister just fine.


Annalie, meanwhile, is almost eight! Her birthday is only eight days away. She’s been simply FANTASTIC with her sister and her cousin. She’s been patient and calm through tantrums and craziness. Since they’ve both been sitting in the back row of the minivan, Annalie has been buckling Aurora into her carseat every time we go anywhere, and unbuckling her at the other end. She’s willingly shared food and toys with the littles, and more than once she’s cheerfully agreed to wait to do something she wanted to do until naptime. I think I’m gonna love eight.

What have you guys been up to?

8 Responses to “spring cleaning”

  1. Deborah says:

    Annalie looks so grown up in this last photo here! Glad you and your Mom get to spend some time together. :)

  2. BeachMama says:

    Oh my Annalie is almost 8??!? I wish J was as helpful with his sister as Annalie is, our two fight like crazy and he would rather leave her locked in her carseat than help her out :)

  3. karen says:

    Is it just me, or is Annalie suddenly all kinds of tall?

  4. Christine says:

    Oh, good grief, you’ve just made me realise that Mabel is heading into 3 and a half. I mean, I knew it was her half-birthday tomorrow, but I’d forgotten the clanging chimes of doooooom that I need to listen out for. Maybe she’ll just skip the 3.5 thing altogether. Maybe?

    I’m glad 8 is looking good. Long may it last.

  5. Jennie says:

    Gasp!!! Who is that TEENAGER in the last photo?

  6. Stephanie says:

    Just out of curiosity (as if you’re not busy or anything), did you get the email I sent to you and a few others last week? If not, I’ll resend it, but I wanted to check in with you. I hope all of your family is staying healthy!

  7. Mrs. Wilson says:

    Oh, two toddlers is SO busy! I know your pain!! Well, fun pain, but still, SO MUCH WORK! I’m glad you’re enjoying almost-eight. :) Almost-eleven is nearly killing me.

  8. Kuky says:

    Annalie being calm through tantrums is so sweet. Isabelle is very patient with Nathan too. I love it when she shares something with him, though it might be because he’s crying and she doesn’t want to listen to it. :-D Ha ha ha!