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August 24th, 2012

Morning, sunshine.

Morning, sunshine. The view out my parents’ front door at 8am.

"Can I tuh-lor?"

“Can I tuh-lor?” Elliora loves coloring. Also, Elliora is talking so much these days that the Elliora says… page is sadly outdated. She even sings! She knows some of the alphabet song, most of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” parts of Laurie Berkner’s “Moon Moon Moon,” and key lines in the “Wonder Pets” theme song.

Elliora's writing grip

Elliora’s writing grip is weird in exactly the same way as mine and Annalie’s. I didn’t teach it to either of them; it’s just how they naturally hold a pen. Genetics are amazing.

Time for Sbux treats in the minivan while Gramaw gets her hair cut.

While my mom was getting her hair cut, we got treats from Starbucks and then hung out in the minivan. My kids always find it super fun to be in a vehicle but not buckled into a carseat.

I bet you thought you were never getting your big blue dottery Doctor Who mug, eh @yaratechnically?

I painted this shades-of-blue, Doctor-Who-quotes dottery mug for Yara the last time I was in Omaha. It wasn’t going to be fired till after I went home, so I asked my mom to pick it up for me in a week…and then we both promptly forgot about it. Luckily, that pottery studio keeps fired pieces forever, and it was there waiting for me to pick it up four months later.

Summery sisters.

Summery sisters.

Blowing bubbles with Grampaw

Elliora blowing bubbles with Grampaw. This timing of this shot was total serendipity.

"I want a colorful popsicle!" "Mmmm, possickle!"

Aurora: “I want a colorful popsicle!” Elliora: “Mmmm, possickle!”

Workin' hard. (Totally staged. She loves cleaning the driveway for Grampaw.)

Poor kid. Her sister and cousin are eating popsicles, and she’s working hard. (This photo was totally staged. Bubble solution was spilled on the driveway, and she suggested that she could add water from the hose and use the push broom to scrub. She was having a blast.)

Nonconformist. (Eating a push-up pop instead of a bomb pop.)

And we didn’t deny her a treat. Push-up pops are her favorite.

Washing off the sticky.

Washing off the sticky. They also got drinks from the hose, which was adorable but nearly impossible to photograph.

3 Responses to “today, Instagrammed”

  1. Mrs. Wilson says:

    We love Wonder Pets! My favourite episode is the one where they have to save Ming-Ming, because they sing, “Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming usually!” Cracks me up every time.

    And HOW is Elliora old enough to hold a pen? HOW?!

  2. Jen says:

    These are great pictures. I get a good idea of what you’ve been up to :) The girls look like they are all having a great time. What happened to poor Annalie? I see a few good sized bandages on her?

  3. Sarah says:

    Genetics are indeed amazing things. John always sneezes several times in a row – and so have the girls since birth.