the crazy-making stage

Recently I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out a pattern for the blanket I’m going to crochet for my niece, who will be born to my brother and his fiancee in a couple of months. This happens to me sometimes when I’m first starting on a blanket. I’ll be close-but-not-quite-there on the pattern for what seems like forever, sketching ideas and looking at patterns online and even crocheting test squares and swatches. It’s really annoying while it’s happening, but once the pattern clicks it’s all worth it.

While I’m in this figuring-it-out stage, I don’t want to start anything else big, but I also need a break from staring at patterns and rearranging skeins on the floor and ripping out my test squares. So I crochet little things. Like, say, a cupcake!

a crocheted cupcake

Not long ago, mamalang bought a plate from my etsy shop and jokingly requested a cupcake to go with it. Inspired by this pattern, I whipped up this little little pink & green swirled number.

crocheted cupcakes!

It was such fun to crochet a cupcake that I made three more in quick order. The pink & blue swirled one was made for Annalie. Brenda & Bug happened to be visiting when I made them, so I made a yellow & green swirled cupcake for Bug, and the pink one for Brenda, adding a cherry at her request. That led to Annalie and Bug requesting cherries too, of course.

orange crocheted cupcake

I felt left out without a cupcake of my own, so while I watched an episode of “Firefly” for the umpteenth time, I crocheted this orange one and topped it with a chocolate swirl.

M in a flower headband

Remember that homeschoolers’ knitting group/playgroup that we didn’t make it to last week? This week, we made it, thanks to Bonnie who emailed me Friday morning to remind me. While we were there I helped Bonnie’s daughter M figure out how to crochet a daisy, crocheting my own as I did so. Then I crocheted a quick headband to put my flower on. Annalie didn’t want to model it for me, so M graciously did the honors.

T in a headband

T had watched with interest as I finished up the headband and showed it to Annalie. She asked very sweetly, “Can you make one of those for me?” The yarn I happened to have with me matched her dress perfectly. How could I refuse?

crocheted baby bottle

The other day while I was working on a test square for my niece’s blanket, Annalie was rummaging in her toy baskets, Pepito the penguin under her arm. I heard her huff in exasperation, then say, “Mom? Have you seen any of my baby bottles?” I told her I hadn’t. She searched for a few more minutes, explaining that she needed a bottle to feed her baby penguin, because he was hungry. Eventually she gave up and settled down with her sketchpad and a pen to teach Pepito the alphabet.

feeding the penguin baby

Eager for an excuse to give up on the crazy-making test square for a while, I quietly found some white and yellow and pink yarn, dug the stuffing out of the closet, and set to work. Less than an hour later I had crocheted a baby bottle. Annalie’s eyes lit up when I handed it to her, and she immediately used it to feed Pepito.

Then when we took our daily photo for Troy, Annalie pretended to drink from the crocheted bottle, the little imp. She cracks me up.

Day 55 for Troy

17 Responses to “crocheted cupcakes, headbands, and a baby bottle”

  1. leslie says:

    wow! this stuff is amazing….

    i don’t know how far i am in this “exchange a handmade gift” thing, but if i can still wish for something it’s the cupcakes/bottle/headband….something from it, because my girls LOVE to play in their little kitchen cooking their heads off, so the cupcakes would be perfect for them, 2nd they take really good care of their babies, but i always refused to buy a baby bottle, so a crochetted one would be perfect as well…oh and yes, i love to dress my girls up:)

    it would be perfect, whatever you would make:)
    i really have to learn how to crochet!!!
    you’re really great at what you do!


  2. I adore your talent and creativity. I’m still learning to knit, but you make me want to crochet! Nice work!

  3. Katrina says:

    You are so talented!! Would you mind giving me a cupcake lesson next time you are in town? :)….OH! and a flower lesson too!

  4. Why not put little cupcakes on your niece’s blanket. Obviously not 3D, but flat images of cupcakes (like your flowers) inside a square….

    No idea if that can be done or not, but in my mind it looks adorable.

  5. Mim says:

    Lovely! Do you have a pattern for the squares? I’d love to try them out. I first learned to crochet as a child and sometimes go back to it when I’m frustrated with knitting. I’m not one for reading patterns but I can if absolutely necessary for crocheting. (Knitting patterns on the other hand always frustrate me unless someone shows me the stitches for each section and how to transition!)

  6. I am stunned by your level of creativity! I’ve never seen such colorful, adorable pieces. Great job!

  7. Jennifer says:

    You’ve been making such cute stuff! I hear you on the patterns. I’ve wasted many a night trying to work out a pattern. I have so much scrap yarn to get rid of, I should make a batch of cupcakes too. Those look like a lot of fun make. I’ve been making a lot of dishcloths

    The girls use them as blankets for their animals and babies too.

    I’m jealous that you have a knitting playgroup to go to.

  8. BeachMama says:

    Look at you go! Now that is why I need to learn how to crochet, you can make these really cool things in just a few short minutes (well, I am guessing about an hour, but still). You are so talented, I am sure you will get some requests for the baby bottles and cupcakes now.

  9. Ruth says:

    I am SO jealous of your crazy crocheting skills . . . I wish I was so good! I’m just sticking to scarves . . .

  10. I love seeing all the work you do. You are so creative!!

    My little girl still wears the headbands you made. She loves them because they don’t give her a headache. :)

    We have a pepito the penguin here too!! But the baby likes to smack him around. Poor penguino. :(

  11. Hannah says:

    Your cupcakes came out so perfectly- And I just love your photography!

  12. LaurenC says:

    Crochet and Firefly….oh that sounds perfect.

    Imagine my delight when someone pointed me in the direction of so I can start watching shows online. Hulu isn’t available here yet, so I am excited that there is an alternative.


  13. Ariel says:

    I like you for liking Firefly!

  14. Mysh says:

    You’re so talented! There’s no end to your creativity. :O) Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Mrs. Wilson says:

    I love your creativity. Just awesome. And your photos! They make your creations look extra special :)

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  17. crystal says:


    SO CUTE!!!

    You are very talented!!